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Pond Edging and Lining: Small rocks and boulders can be strategically placed around the edges of a pond to create a natural-looking boundary that blends the water feature with the surrounding landscape. They can also help secure pond liners and prevent erosion.


Waterfall Construction: Larger boulders and smaller rocks are essential for constructing waterfalls or streambeds within a pond setup. They can be used to create naturalistic cascades and flowing water effects, adding both visual and auditory appeal to the pond.


Aquatic Plant Support: Rocks can provide anchor points for aquatic plants, helping to keep them at the desired depth. They also offer surfaces for beneficial algae and microorganisms to colonize, which are crucial for a healthy pond ecosystem.


Habitat Creation: A mix of different-sized rocks can create varied habitats within the pond, offering hiding and breeding spots for fish and other aquatic wildlife, contributing to biodiversity.


Aesthetic Enhancements: Strategically placed rocks and boulders can transform a plain pond into a striking landscape feature. They add texture, contrast, and a sense of age or permanence to the water garden.


Erosion Control: On the banks of the pond, larger rocks can help to prevent soil erosion, keeping the pond's edges stable and reducing sediment runoff into the water.


Stepping Stones and Pathways: Flat boulders or larger rocks can serve as stepping stones or create pathways leading to or around the pond, enhancing accessibility and adding a functional decorative element to the garden.


Incorporating a pond mix of small and larger rocks into a pond design not only boosts its ecological health but also elevates the overall aesthetic, making it a focal point of any outdoor space.

Pond Mix - Over 5 Yards/ 2nd Delivery Fee (Not Quoted)

  • With all products there will be a delivery fee added to the final price during the checkout process. Prices vary depending on your location


     Eau Claire $50 - Altoona $55 - Seymour $65- Lake Hallie $70- Fall Creek $75 - Chippewa $85 - Lake Eau Claire $130


    If you location is listed please Call Us at 715-839-8499

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